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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walking in the No Snow, Buying Books, and Writing

Still no snow, but I went out in it anyway and got too hot in my coat and bought another book for myself and bought a book for my husband and came home and started editing my unfinished novel even though I should have hopped in the shower for how hot and sweaty I was.

Vacation has been good for my novel. I've gotten new ideas. I've gotten rid of old ideas. I've made notes of the ideas from my husband, who had a bunch of good ones late at night, when we should have been sleeping but he was mourning the loss of his fictional friends since he had finished reading another great book. Of course, his new great ideas are for an entirely different book, not my current novel. If I can be 'reading' several books at once I can be writing them too. Yes? Well, maybe the whole point of my husband brainstorming all his ideas was just to get me back to writing.

So I finally took a shower and here I am back at the computer with new ideas for my novel, sharing other ideas with my blog readers, and itching to pick up the new book I bought and start reading.

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