One could go on and on forever talking about anything, but I'll just touch on it here.

Who is Annie?

Peter Pan never flew to my window, though I cried into my pillow as a girl and wished he would. After spending a childhood in trees, around horses, and under the impression that I really could fly, I grew older but—I hope—not up.

Now I see that "matters of consequence" invade my space more often than I like, but this blog keeps me on track. And so does my husband, Luke, who inspires the whole project and really is the idea guy behind a lot of my posts.

We live, work, love our son, and spend time on our hobbies in Idaho, the state that blessed this girl with many outdoor adventures as a child.

As a writer, teacher, student of taekwondo, and dreamer, I share what I can give through my words tossed out into the infinite spaces. If they smack into you, delight you, tickle you, surprise you, ruffle you, or inspire you, then my work here is done.