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Monday, March 16, 2015

Reading, Trying, Guessing, Praying

Word time for the most part since my son has been around means either soaking words through my eyeballs from this computer screen or from the pages of children's books. This week I'm stretching myself a bit by picking up a book that is thick, has fine print, and lacks pictures. But it's still putting children on my brain. The book, from the library (! free books !) is Meg Meeker, M.D.'s Strong Mothers, Strong Sons. Not far into it but I'm trying not to slap myself around for the goofs I've already made as a mom—and I know the author is not wanting readers racked with guilt—and I'm trying to learn these lessons to "raise [an] extraordinary [man]."

Trying trying. I seek patience, wisdom, and compassion in abundance. Failing failing. The life of a parent is really guesswork, even with great books to guide us, wise friends, and a compassionate God. Yes, I also keep praying praying, which is the best action for me I know.

Speaking of words, praying, and children, Geddy sometimes likes to run around saying "Amen" and getting us to react or join in. Today I started singing the song "Amen" and then looked it up online to discover The Impressions singing it. Geddy is now a fan. He doesn't quite have the rhythm or the tune but adds a little singsong to his "Amen" now. He kept asking "song?" to hear it again.We went upstairs to get him ready for his nap and we sang a little bit more. Then he started bringing me his stuffed animals to hug. Next he grabbed his Simba and his Dalmatian puppy and laid them on the floor and told them to sleep. Once he was in his crib, after we read three books and he wanted more, he was not so happy until I told him I would moo for him. Then he settled down happily on his tummy and I mooed "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Now he's sleeping soundly.

Thank you Dooby, Dooby Moo. Maybe children's books have all the answers.