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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thoughts from the Kidlings

age: five
my unspoken nickname for her: Batty
(shout out to the youngest girl in The Penderwicks) 

"Are you married?" Yes. "Do you have any little kids?" No. "Do you have a baby in your belly?" No.

Another Day
When I told her not to touch the fertilizer pellets on the grass that are there to help make the grass grow:
"Well I'm touching them!" (with her shoe.)
I said just not with her skin (some kids had thought it was rock salt).
"Why, will it make my feet grow?"

Another Day
"My teeth feel like metal."

Another Day
On the playground, mock fear as she stood on the jungle gym about to slide down on some bars.
"Oh! I'm so scared; I've never done this before. I'm so scared."

Another Day, Another Child
age: 5
"Nachos is a weird word. I don't like it."

Another Day, Another Child
age: 7
"I wish my name was ABC."

May 11
boy, age 7

"Spiders aren't creepy."

Well, they can be.

"I like spiders."

Monsters are creepy.

"Monsters aren't real."

Well, the idea of them is creepy.

"I like when spiders scare me. One time I was outside going to the bathroom near a spider's home and a daddy longlegs came out and I screamed and jumped (he demonstrates). So then I ran back inside—
and that's where I pulled my pants up."


  1. Subbing for a reading class:

    An answer written by an eighth grade girl in response to a photo of surfer Bethany Hamliton, "She looks concentrated."

    All I could think was, "She looks like frozen orange juice? Really?!"