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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Three Vignettes of a Mom at Home

The Delivery

The doorbell rang. Out on the front step was a giant box, one I had waited so long to get—two whole days with Amazon Prime. I couldn't wait to open it, but wait I did until Monday morning when Luke was at work and I could be alone with my prize. Geddy was there, of course, to share in the excitement and cheer me on as I removed the packaging and assembled all the parts to—wait for it—my new vacuum cleaner!

OK, I am officially boring. Don't jump to conclusions, though. I still want something less appliancey for my birthday. I still like roses. But this vacuum is a relief to my back, an answer to clean floors, and a reason to dump everything out of the closet and clean from top to bottom. Spring cleaning, here I come!

The Mess, in 79 Words

"I love you," I told my husband, and hung up the phone. Another late night at the office meant dinner for two not three. The salad dressing waited as I answered the beep of the oven timer; the bread was done. After filling Geddy's plate, I turned back to my salad. Ah yes, the dressing. I gave the bottle a vigorous shake to mix up the oils and spices. Except, huh: I forgot I had taken off the lid. 

The Bathroom Break-in

Jokes abound online about moms needing time alone but only getting it when they can escape to the bathroom. Of course along with those jokes comes the punchline that with small children at home, time in the bathroom is rarely a solo routine. My son makes sure that I am not the exception to this scenario. 

The other day we were all downstairs when I said I needed to go use the bathroom. I didn't make any special provisions for Geddy because Luke was there. In other words, I didn't check to make sure the stove was off or force Geddy to be on my side of the locked gate at the top of the stairs (so he wouldn't escape to go to the park while I was occupied). But I should have shut that gate for my protection. 

I settled in for a nice rest when outside of my door there arose such a clatter. Moments later there was Geddy, dragging in one of his chairs from his room. What are you doing? I foolishly asked. "I just watch you," he said, smiling as he plopped down on his chair and started swinging his legs. 

There we were, both seated, for the duration. 


  1. Annie, I just love this! You started my day with a hearty laugh and a big smile. Thank you!

    1. Wanda,

      I hope to bring laughter to you and every reader! Thank you for reading and laughing!