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Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Reflections

Travel started off the new year. I took my first trip away from Geddy (and I haven't taken one since!). Only a little over 24 hours, but that meant a night and a morning that my little boy couldn't find me. He did well with his daddy, but they both missed me a lot. When I returned and Geddy was angry at me, it hurt, but we have healed. He has grown and changed so much over this year, but he tells me often at night, before he sleeps: "I need you. I want you." I say, "I need you too. I want you too."


What I remember of February was lots of illness and tissues everywhere! Fortunately March was better and we traveled to Aunt Tammy's wedding. Geddy was so exhausted from playing with all the cousins, though, that he slept through the ceremony, clinging to his Daddy-roo!


April meant more travel, this time to see family in Oregon from the bottom to the top, the West, to the East. Of course that included beach time! In May, Geddy turned two and had his first official birthday party with kids and ice cream and lots of playing time outside. The grandparents came as well to make the day extra special.


Mommy's birthday and Father's Day were the same day in 2015, so it was a super special time. Fun at a nature center and lots of good food made it a perfect day with family. July and August offered camping adventures in Idaho and Oregon. Geddy had so much fun that we are eager to camp again this coming summer. But we need better sleeping arrangements . . . .


In September we got to see the beautiful "boon boons" over two days. I'm hoping to take Geddy up in one next time, since they have a free day for kids! October was pumpkins and friends and two dates for Mommy and Daddy! I think we are getting a little better at prioritizing those! The holiday season rolled in and we rolled away in the car again to spend Thanksgiving with family, seeing many friends along the way. We cherish those days and memories as they were shadowed by sadness soon after with the loss of Grandpa Jerry. But we know we will see him again one day.

Christmas came quietly. Wait, not with Geddy it didn't. Luke and I were rather sick, but we had a nice day at home, just the three of us. Thankfully the sickness didn't last long.

Welcome 2016. We are ready for more adventures!

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