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Monday, June 1, 2015

Two Years Young

-Do you want to put on your shoes?

"No, walk on toes."

-What else do you want to eat?

"Else . . . um . . . maybe applesauce."

-Can you say Thank You?


-Will you let me read you a story?

"No, Geddy's turn."

-Do you want to go outside?

"No, play with toys."

-I'm going to take a shower. What show do you want to watch?

"Watch Little Brown." ["Guess How Much I Love You] Or "Watch Clifford." Or "Watch Cookie Monster."

"Go Daddy. Go garage."

-Put on your shoes please.

"No, Mommy's turn."

-Do you want some juice?

"Yeah, OK! Me too!"

(Toys all put away in a box.) "Mommy, please, get the cars!"

(Raining) "Go side. Walk rain!"

(He won't let us read him a bedtime story.) -OK, it's time for bed then.

"Mommy, read book!" (Happily climbs into a lap.)

-Geddy, please share your toys.

"NO! Mines!" (Hugs toy or toys tightly to chest.)

-Do you want to go visit Liam?

"Yep! Amen's toys." (He calls his friend Amen. Sometimes he gathers up a bunch of toys as if to take and share, but then he leaves them home.)

(The house creaks.)

"Mommy, sound. Creaking."

-That's the house. It's OK.

(Daddy comes downstairs, comes home from work, comes out of the bathroom.)

"Hi Daddy!"

(Luke kisses me before he leaves for work.)

"Geddy, kiss!" (Gets a kiss from Daddy).

(His friend Liam has his birthday; four days later Geddy has his. He can't stop talking about it.)

"Amen, birthday. Geddy, birthday. Happy birthday!"

-Did you have a fun birthday?

"Yep. Kids. Bubbles. Blue one. Ball."

-How old are you now?

"Two!" (Shows five fingers, then in deep concentration trying to only hold up two like Mommy showed him.)

-Geddy, I love you. Go to sleep.

"Piwwo fight!"

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