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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Geddy Update

Farewell Facebook, now how to keep Geddy's fans up to date on his life? I'm pledging more time to blogging, and, when in doubt about a topic, I turn to my favorite little story. 

It started with a haircut and suddenly our baby became a little boy ready for school. If he was just a little taller he would easily fool some administrators about his age. OK, and if he spoke English. (He speaks a ton, but it's still his own magical language.) 

But height and verbiage aside, Geddy is walking more and just about ready to wear shoes when we go places. He enjoys traveling several feet back and forth on the carpet between Mommy and Daddy, diving for the outstretched hands at the last minute and giggling like crazy. 

When Daddy comes home Geddy is often reaching for him and then pointing upstairs as if to say, Let's go to the office! That is definitely his favorite room in the house. Lately he's taken more interest in the guitar and is ready to strum away when they get up there. Or play with whiteboard markers. 

Geddy had some noteworthy firsts over this last week. He spent his first nights in a hotel when we went to visit friends and family. We told him there was a pool but I guess we forgot to mention that it wasn't in our room. Getting ready one of the mornings I lost track of Geddy, and with a sudden OH NO! rushed madly to the bathroom where he was happily splashing in the toilet. (That first being bad enough, I won't tell you about the first I had while Geddy was sitting in my lap!) 

He met some dear people for the first time and their dear pets. The rats were thrilled that he couldn't get into their cage; the chickens were happy he stayed on the other side of their fence; the dogs couldn't get in enough kisses; the cats kept their sweet distance.

As I write this, Geddy is working on nap number two for the day, exhausted from playing piano, stacking blocks, tickling Mommy, and reading stories. If only he would be just as exhausted at 4 and 5 AM!

                             Ready to whack Grandpa with a spoon!

                  My fingers go here?

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