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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The One-Handed Blogger

This could be a short post. Reason one: Bump is only slightly asleep, which means he's mostly awake and

yep, screaming happened. OK. Soothed for seconds.

Reason two: Typing with one hand takes time, and Bump, though bouncing happily while cradled in my left arm, is, as I said, mostly awake and he likes my time.

But I find that I can blog one handed and even eat with my left hand. And I thought at first that it would always take at minimum four hands to change a diaper, but now I can do it with two in the dark.

Difficult to type while Bump is eating, however. (Sorry that you have to read this so slowly). I may have to come back later. Amazing how parenthood reveals to me all that I really can and can't do.

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