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Thursday, June 13, 2013

How I Am: A Status Update

Annie Hindman wants to take a shower but little man sleeps so soundly in his swing and she can't stomach leaving the room for too long. Worry to the tenth power- what happens when a worrywart becomes a mother. Annie Hindman vows to stop researching every little problem or potential problem. At least for today. Today, for now, she will only use the internet to blog or chat with people. Annie Hindman remembers jet lag knocking her out for hours after flying across the ocean. And this? Baby lag? But every squeak and sigh breaks the coma spell. Rest comes unexpectedly. 20 minutes feels like an hour. Annie Hindman has a sore back, tail bone, gut. Remembers fresh air and sunshine. Cries when  baby cries, when he smiles, when he stretches his arms above his head or scrunches up his face. Smiles when he looks up, eyes blinking, trying to focus on her. Annie Hindman rejoices in the morning hours. Holds her son close. Tells him he blesses her world. Tickles his feet. Annie Hindman lets go a little fear. Practices breathing again. 

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