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Friday, March 22, 2013

A Poem for Luke

Blue's Color

Your eyes shine like a joke before the telling,
like polished spoons reflecting mirthful Alice-in-Wonderland distortion,
like memories of pearls forming in their oysters,
like the delight of a child treasure hunter,
like bees bleeding honey,
friendship forging secrets,
dew dotting the hidden garden.
Like specks of pixie dust escaping under the door,
a river under fire in a lightning storm,
a moment before waking.
Like buttered toast under the jam,
like found pennies in a puddle,
like melting chocolate by candlelight,
like forgotten sadness,
proposing in the falling snow,
an icicle hanging from a tree branch,
a hummingbird's wink.
Like sand coating bare feet,
a plucked guitar string quivering
after a song freshly sung,
like an idea taking shape,
like a love-painted sea.

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