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Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Shower Downpour

With three baby showers on the horizon for little Bump, I hardly know whether I should accept the bounty with open arms or get out my umbrella and run for it. It isn't that I'm not appreciative that so many want to offer their blessings/congratulations/words of advice/adorable baby booties and burp rags, but I'm incredibly overwhelmed by all the baby "necessities" out there. What do I really need? What do I really want or not want? What will I most likely be exchanging at the store if I get it or donating to the local thrift store because I got five too many?

So far in the pregnancy I have been very practical and my planning has been limited. The baby room will not be decorated in any theme. We are not finding out the gender before Bump's birth; therefore, no one can buy any gender-specific clothing or other items for these baby showers (which suits me just fine). I only have one maternity shirt and one pair of maternity pants. I realize this will have to change as Bump continues to grow, but I'm trying not to go crazy buying clothes that I won't wear for very long. Luke and I plan to research cribs, car seats, and cloth diapers before deciding what we want, so these items can't yet go on any registries.

I think I know the basics that I will need for Bump's first weeks, but when I go online to find the stuff it's like a mom admiring her daughter's tidy room and then opening the closet and having everything tumble out all over her.

Take baby bath tubs for example. First, do I really need one? Can't I manage using the sink just fine? Can't Luke and I work together if Bump is too squirmy for one set of hands? One tub online had hundreds of reviews and most were very positive, but the negative ones sounded concerning. "Drowning hazard," they said. Wait, their babies didn't actually drown, so why did they post that in their review? I mean, yeah, anyone in water could drown, but clearly the parent is right there doing the bathing of the baby so chances should be very slim. Still, reading that makes me unsure it's a great choice. Then of course it costs less than $20. Would the $40 one be better? After scrolling through 20 types, I quit looking at tubs.

How about baby shampoo/lotion/body wash? I won't know if Bump has extra sensitive skin until Bump is out in the world coming in contact with irritants. People used to live quite well without any name-brand hair and skin products. If I asked my dermatologist, I'm sure she would recommend the brands they sell at her office, which cost a bomb. (Not that she doesn't have her patients' best skin needs in mind).

Don't even get me started on cloth diapers. So many types now! Heck, there's quite a variety of disposables too.

Sigh. Well, Bump won't go without, and for that I feel truly blessed. Blessed to have so many loving, caring, giving family members and friends who will not only provide things but also love, support, guidance, and free babysitting.

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