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Monday, August 13, 2012

Cough, Cough; Summer Needs Reviving

I'd love to spend more time here

and no time here

photo credit: Forest Service Northern Region (Creative Commons)

This weekend we made our great escape from smokey skies and traveled through the first photograph.  Today, back home, I look out the window and can't bring myself to find a good reason to go outside and join all the smoke, a gift from the northwest forest fires. Every good part of summer fades in the haze when I realize only two weeks remain of this supposed freedom, and what does smoke go and do but make itself comfortable.

Smoke and heat like to injure summer every way that they can.

Looks as if it's time for me to be counting my blessings again. Maybe I should shout Thank you! to the skies. Thank you for the opportunity to scrub the tile grout; I wouldn't be doing that if I was outside riding my bike. Thank you for time to spend endless hours online; I wouldn't know when my friends were going to the store or getting their legs waxed if I was out skipping stones in the river. Thank you for inspiring another blog post; I wouldn't have anything better to write about if I was hiking a local trail.

Seriously, the smoke and the heat can't leave soon enough! A summer baby though I may be, bring on fall! That is, only if fall will have no forest fires, cooler temperatures, and several rain showers.


*chuckle* How about a summer revival by way of a summer-blessings re-cap, lest you think I will spend all my time complaining today!

*family floating day on the river in a splendiferous thunderstorm
*my first trip to the water park where I screamed (though not as much as my niece) and indeed did not drown, just as my sister had promised
*two camp trips with family, including a breathtaking hike (really, haven't gotten my breath back yet)
*a week of writing camp (which also included biking every day along the river) where I made new friends and fell in love with words all over again
*2nd anniversary celebrated with my husband, during which we braved the heat and explored new places around the city and topped it off with an amazing dinner
*hip hop dance class—we could really rename this Annie's Time Laughing at Herself in the Mirror for 45 Minutes each Week

PLUS: a graduation celebration, meeting up with friends in various places around our city and others, exploring new ideas for our yard, watching our salsa garden grow beyond our expectations, reading, eating ice cream and snow cones, celebrating my birthday, taking photographs, watching my husband get excited about his hobby and take it to new heights (which means antenna growth in the backyard), and

Waking up each day with new life waiting to celebrate!

Photo credit: Forest Service Northern Region

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