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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where the Buffalo/Bison Roam

Day six

Last day in Yellowstone and finally, finally we get to see the buffalo roam. Lots of them. In fact when we parked and walked over to explore around Sulphur Caldron and Mud Volcano, we had to abandon the sidewalk just in case the big fella lounging there decided to gore us.

(This isn't the one who thought about goring us; he just had an itch).

The little bit of hiking today really did Luke's ankle in, so we stopped at Fishing Bridge, where fishing is banned, and soaked our feet in the cold cold water. We made it popular, and soon many people were there soaking and shrieking.

A stop at Yellowstone Lake was very peaceful—only two boats out on the huge lake and no crowds of people.

For most of our trip we have used the luxurious flush toilets, but a few times outhouses are the only holes around. Today while I was holding my breath in one, I noticed writing and scratched in words all over inside—some of it was way out of reach if one was sitting down. Maybe tall men like to write up high while they are standing in there, but seriously, who wants to spend that much time in there that you have to get on the toilet seat to write Jack loves Sally or, you know, something else!

This afternoon we ate Mexican food for the third time on this trip. Sometimes it has been our only meal all day. Nothing so satisfying. Yet, today's order was not so great. I got to thinking (after we had eaten most of our could-have-come-from-a-box Rice-a-Roni and rehydrated beans) that the music should have been our first clue to leave. If they are playing oldies music—in English—how authentic can the food be?

Our last outing for the day was a visit to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. We got to watch the grizzly, Spirit testing a dumpster while noisy ravens ate food remains around her. She didn't stay at the dumpster too long, but when there is food lying all over the ground, why should she? I think it's pretty cool that the bears have jobs there, getting to see if the bear-resistent containers live up to their names or not.

We are happy and tired. What a fun trip! We don't have specific plans for tomorrow, so we'll see where the road leads!

Oh, here's Luke last night. He deserved some special bubbly since he was injured!

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