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Monday, August 29, 2011

Return of the Kidlings

School started and that means I get to hang out with kiddos all day. Yes, this year I get to ALL DAY. Let the full-time fun begin! (Why am I so tired? I guess I took last year's mornings off for granted).

Day before school started: School Supply Drop-off

6-year-old boy: (handing me each item as he spoke) "These are my scissors and these are my glue sticks and these are my, these are my two big bottles of glue, and this is—"

Yes, he kept going and going. I set all his items back on his desk before I dropped anything. He was SO excited to start school. His mom said he was ready a week early.

Day one: same little boy after school, waiting for his daycare van

Me: Did you have a good first day of school?

Boy: (apparently he didn't hear me—but then no one can ever hear me so I'm not surprised)
paraphrase: "I was eaten up by these little bugs."

Me: At school?

Boy: "At camp this summer. And there were these little chipmunks. Little naked chipmunks. And one was Alvin. And they fart on you. They pick them up and they fart on you."


Random act at recess: 3rd or 4th grade boy runs across the playground, holding an imaginary radio and screaming into it: "911, 911! Somebody farted on the radiator!"

Apparently farts are a theme this school year. But then I suppose they are every year.


Practice Fire Drill Practice (the day before the real fire drill): 6-year-old boy:
"When do we get to go home?"  A full day is also an adjustment for those who had half-day kindergarten last year.


I also dealt with three crying girls, one 1st grader who bit his sister (she claimed that she was just hugging him; he said she wouldn't let go), a few owies needing bandaids, and a little boy fascinated with the ball in my whistle. Oh, and how can I forget the crowd of little girls in the bathroom who thought they should wash their arms, faces, and hands as well as get drinks from the sink. Week two, here we come!

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