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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Facing My Fear with Mouth Wide Shut

It's true, what I said, about my butterfly phobia, but the papillon beauty is too great for me to run and hide from every flutter. So, when I went to the zoo this week with my father and niece I paid the extra dollar to enter the butterfly exhibit.

Staying on the path, watching my step in case the butterflies chose to land near my feet, I admired the vibrant variety of winged creatures. Yes, I heeded Sydney's warning that she yelled out to me before I went in: "Keep your mouth closed!" 

With butterflies swooping around my head and a small crowd of people winding their way around the flowers and trees, it was quite active in that small enclosure. I took my time, however. I wanted to take pictures (as did everyone) and just take time to observe some butterflies that I don't see in my backyard. I haven't identified any of them from my photos, but one almost snuck home with me. Before leaving the habitat I had to twirl a few times for the teen volunteers to check for stowaways. Yep, one was on my back. Hey, at least it wasn't on my face!

As we were walking away from the primate cages, about to leave the zoo for the day, I heard two women talking. "I can't believe that you're scared of butterflies!" one said to the other. Hmm. I guess I'm not the only one! But honestly, as long as I keep my mouth shut I'm perfectly fine!

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