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Friday, July 29, 2011

Anniversary Adventures

Finally on the road, two blocks from home, and I yelp, "I forgot blankets!" The heat of Boise made such camping necessities forgettable. But we turned back for them and headed off to buy ice.
Okay, this may turn into a long story short as I swat mosquitoes and learn to interface with a new friend, but we are happily settled into a campsite under a Russian olive tree in Idaho Falls. I blog and Luke hums and strums in the chair next to me. Sweet! Our one-year anniversary is just around the corner and we are plunging into the next great adventure! Join us-well no, please don't really. Maybe stop by for lunch tomorrow in Jackson Hole. Just not tonight.

Stop one: Shoshone Falls (pictures to come)
Picnic lunch and views of the falls

So yes, we saw the falls. Hmm, what is there to describe in mere words how spectacular that falling water is?

Stop two: We stop to pick up a hitchhiker and decide to adopt our new friend, Asimov- As for short

She was hanging out at Best Buy holding up a sign asking us to please give her a lift. We asked, Where to? and she said wherever we were going. She looked fun and we hated to leave her there for who knows what kind of somebody, so we asked if she would just like to join our family. The adoption was super easy and not as expensive as I expected. Soon we were a family of three.

Stop three: a little Mexican food, Starbucks and wifi, and camp

It's starting to get dark and Asimov still claims she's at 78 percent, but my battery is in need of more charge. Good night!

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