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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Geddy's World

Geddy: "I see the moon!"
Me: Hello moon!
Geddy: "It doesn't have eyes. It doesn't have a mouth to talk."
Me: Oh.
Geddy: "Is it coming to see us? Is it?"
Me: What would you do with the moon?
Geddy: "Play with my toys. It can pick them up."
Me: If the moon had a name, what would it be?
Geddy: "Hmmm, how about Pink? And blue nose and green head."
Me: And it could talk?
Geddy: "Yep."
Me: Where would you go with the moon?
Geddy: "A restaurant with Daddy with the moon."
Me: What would the moon eat?
Geddy: "Cheerios, I think. He will like Cheerios. He will like peas."
Me: Do you like peas?
Geddy: "No I don't. They make me like not yummy. They yucky."
Me: Why are peas yucky?
Geddy: "Cause, um, like a circle! Like peas!"
Geddy was picking up all of his toys in the living room and tossing them into a cardboard box. All the while he had a running dialogue with himself (or maybe it was his toys talking):
"Did you say marshmallow? Yep I did say marshmallow. You got it.  Duper. Did you say duper? Ya I did. Super duper."
Geddy burrowed his toes under the blanket at bedtime.
"Toes not sleeping. They're working in the garage."
Me: Ok, but Geddy needs to sleep.
Geddy: "Not toes. They're working."
Me: Ok, not toes.
Before church: "Mommy, can we go to the river after church?"
Me: Maybe.
He turns to Luke:"Daddy, can we go to the river instead of church?"
Luke: No, we are going to church.
Geddy: "I don't like people."

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