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Monday, September 16, 2013

What Discover Card Can't Buy for Baby

Before a baby enters the world the parents either get excited about all the "baby stuff" they get to buy or they become overwhelmed. OK, maybe both. It could be: "Ooh, which crib will best complement the nursery motif?" or "I just looked at 70 types of baby swings–I think I need an aspirin!" It was a little different in our house.

Neither excited nor overwhelmed about baby gadgets, we busily fended off the barrage of questions about how we were going to decorate the nursery if we didn't know the gender of our baby. Sure, I was stressed but not about bedroom themes and colors. I figured we needed a bed, some diapers, and some onesies. Gender didn't matter when choosing these items. I also figured that as we got to know our baby and as our baby grew we would gradually acquire other items.

Well, the day I planned to go home from the hospital, I started to panic. I didn't suddenly want a ton of baby furniture, but I realized some more items might make adjusting to baby Geddy in the house a little easier. So I sent off my research-everything-before-buying husband and my buying-and-giving-is-my-love-language mother-in-law to Target. Since my husband was barely staying afloat on coffee after surviving 30+ hours without sleep, a flow of strange new emotions that came with becoming a dad, and a migraine, he was not in the research mode at all but the shopping-in-a-store-is-the-worst-activity-ever mindset. With his happy shopping mother along, LOTS of items went into the cart. Maybe two carts. I came home and hardly recognized our living room.

But it turns out that I didn't need to panic. Here is the happy truth of life with Geddy in the early days and even continuing into the now. Yes, he's spent some time sleeping and swaying in his swing. Yes, the bassinet was a life saver for many naps. Yes, our backs are missing the changing table (Geddy got too big and heavy for it and now we just use the floor). But where has Geddy spent many, many happy moments? Where did we, and do we sometimes still, turn when he just wouldn't be soothed, or when Mommy just needed some uninterrupted sleep? The super deluxe, all-in-one, not found in stores, priceless Daddy-O-Matic. Versatile, equipped with numerous songs from a variety of genres, capable of making the best white noise, entertaining with funny faces and stories, the Daddy-O-Matic mostly comes with an abundant supply of unconditional love. And hey, just check out the following features the Daddy-O-Matic can transform into.

When Daddy and baby just need to lay back and chill: The Decliner (Daddy recliner)

When baby refuses to go to sleep anywhere else: The Drib

When baby needs a little gentle motion for sleep: The Docker

When baby wants to have a little fun: The Dwing

No, we don't plan to keep all the Target purchases from that first day, but our all-in-one baby must-have will not be for sale on Craigslist when Geddy gets older.

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