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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I Missed When I Skipped First Grade

During a flashcard review of certain words and their contractions—should/shouldn't, could/couldn't, would/wouldn't—my gummy-bear loving little boy produced the following:

Boy: We shouldn't use bad words at school. But I wish we could. It would be fun.

(I needed that laugh today.)


Somehow the conversation turned to who was sick and who had stayed home from school. Trying to have a conversation with a group of first graders is almost always an amusing experience, no matter the topic.

Boy: My sister who goes to this school is sick. My other sister is in China.

Me: (curious to know if this China story is true and why the sister might be there) Oh, is she there for school or is she traveling?

Boy: (apparently unaware of what I have asked) My sister in the 6th grade is [so and so] and my other sister's name is . . . .

Me: You don't know your sister's name? (then I thought, well if she is in China maybe she is a lot older than he is and maybe he hasn't been around her very much, or maybe she's a step sister that he hasn't even met). Is she a lot older than you?

Boy: Well she has a car.


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