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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Activity Calendar

Directions: Write complete sentences about what is happening around you.

a six-year-old's view of the world:

—I'm weird. My teacher is crazy. [interjection here: How do you spell your name? she asks me. I show her my name badge and she neatly copies down the letters.] Mrs. [my last name] is acting weird.

Me: I am?! How am I acting weird?

Girl: You threw a paper on the floor.

Me: I didn't. [so-and-so] threw a paper on the floor and I picked it up! Oh well, I guess if you are calling yourself weird, too, then I'll take it as a compliment.

Girl: You should meet my mom; she's even crazier than I am. Maybe you should have a playdate. You should hang out.


Side note: In helping another student with her sentences, I said, Oh, look at what your teacher is doing right now.

Girl: She's drinking.

Me: Yeah, um, maybe you should add the word "pop" at the end.

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