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Saturday, November 19, 2011

For Blaine

Blaine certainly loved to laugh. Here's one of my first memories of him when my family moved to Oregon.

My little dog didn't like many people. You could say that her bark was worse than her bite, but really you need to ask the mailman first. A tiny mutt with a big voice, my dog did chase down the postman and snarl into his pant legs. But mostly, she did okay as long as no one teased her. Whenever Blaine came in contact with my dog, whether in the mountains on a church hike or when I would go over to his house to ride horses, Blaine would make growling noises and send my dog into a frenzy. Blaine would chuckle and then do it again. Before long, he didn't have to growl at all. She would see him coming and know it meant trouble.

I really miss my little dog, and I wish that she was still here and Blaine was around to growl and laugh at her.

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