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Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Stay Home When I Can Take Another Trip

Julia and I are totally bushwhacked after 12 hours out and about and now crash in a stuffy Super 8.

We explored the Hagerman Fossil area, the Minidoka Relocation Center grounds, and the Great Salt Lake's Antelope Island.

Birds, bugs, and giant spiders in webby homes ALL over the place, a bunny, an antelope herd with proud stag, bison by the bizzilions-all on the giant island. Oh what daring thing did we do? Did I kiss a spider? No. Did Julia snuggle with an antelope? No. We ate at Denny's.

Iowa we're on our way!

 Hagerman fossil beds, somewhere out of our reach

 Minidoka, NOT in Minidoka, ID in case you want to find it.

In the Salt Lake.

Technically these are pronghorn I guess, not antelope, but it isn't called Pronghorn Island.

Yes, webs and spider monsters EVERYWHERE! Ron Weasley and my mother would not want to walk around this place!

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