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Saturday, July 30, 2011

No Starbucks: Travels Day Two

Our drive from Idaho Falls to Jackson, WY certainly took my proverbial breath away. Water the greenest of green on one side and mountain blue on the other. And the fields! The mountains! Check out one view from the car while we sat in traffic stopped because of an accident.

Hmm, sorry. Asimov doesn't know how to put that picture up. Well, if she does she's not telling.

Stop one: Jackson or Jackson Hole (I have yet to see the hole so maybe we missed it)

So we stopped at the visitor center and visited. We also walked around historic and really-what-it-is tourist trap Jackson, but mostly we drove back and forth and then, for fun, back and forth again to Wilson, WY looking for our campground. After tirelessly searching for a Starbucks, we gave up and called the campground for directions. I have no idea how we found this place- even with directions. But here we are, no Starbucks to be had anywhere in town or nearby towns- not even in Idaho where our next stay will be- but we have wifi.

Thunder crashes above, rain rattles the tent (at least easing up on the dust storm), and we kick back to figure out what we want to see around here.

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