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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sick Log, Spring 2011

Day 1:
arrive home from work and settle into the mammoth bean-bag nest, feeling achy and tired

do not leave nest for the next five hours or more

acquire a raging fever, confirmed when husband puts thermometer in my mouth and the stupid thing doesn't beep for what feels like hours while the numbers keep climbing

go to bed while plastering a wet washcloth on my forehead

Day 2:
ask husband to call in sick for me

finally make it out of bed and return to my nest

play hours of Keen Dreams on my computer (internet down, no Netflix)


Day 3:
repeat, this time with Netflix

Day 4:
go to work, come home and relapse

beat Keen Dreams

Day 5:
introduce new way to feel awful

sit in nest

Day 6: ?
hoping for wellness

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